2000 MG Full Spectrum CBD Mint Flavor Hemp Oil 1oz (30 mL) Tincture

2000 MG Full Spectrum CBD Mint Flavor Hemp Oil 1oz (30 mL) Tincture

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This 2000 MG Full Strength and is fitting for those who wish to target specific wellness goals. 

Full spectrum CBD tinctures contain the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, with none of the high. It comes in a convenient 1 oz bottle. Pure and natural, this tincture may provide relief of your ailments without any added chemicals or dyes. CBD oil products support your overall health—mental and physical—by giving your body a boost of pure CBD with this naturally sourced, 3rd party lab-tested, easy to absorb, and fast-acting CBD tincture. Use CBD the way you want! Mix with juice or in a smoothie, or take it straight under your tongue. However you use it, our 100% natural CBD oil with MCT coconut oil tincture is a great supplement that may work wonders for your overall health and wellbeing.


2000mg Contains approximately 40mg CBD in approx. 15 drops per serving.

We recommend starting off with 10mg per serving to see how your body responds. Wait a few days and add 5mg to your dose until you feel your desired effect. Every body reacts differently. Be your own advocate and read about dosage for your ailment and results desired. Less is more in the beginning and work up to a higher MG.

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