Pyrite Heart Charm Diffuser Bracelet

Pyrite Heart Charm Diffuser Bracelet

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The heart shape is recognized all over the world as a symbol of romantic love and affection, but it also represents:

  • Love
  • Unity
  • Sacred
  • Cohesion
  • Sensuality
  • Femininity
  • Attraction
  • Mirroring/Reflection

This unique heart charm is made of pyrite.

Pyrite is a very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds. Carry Pyrite to protect you from both environmental pollution and physical danger. Pyrite also promotes good physical health and emotional well-being.

Traditionally, Pyrite is known as a stone of luck, helping to attract abundancewealth and prosperity to the user, via its creative energies of manifestation, and its encouragement of following one's dreams. Meditation with Pyrite can encourage greater frequency in moments of inspiration.

Pyrite also promotes good physical health and emotional well-being. Pyrite is helpful for any type of infection and can purify the systems of the body. Pyrite can be used to bring a feeling of increased vitality during times of hard-work or stress. Pyrite is also great for balancing one's energetic fields. If you are feeling overworked lately, with no end in sight, then Pyrite might be for you! 



Materials: Lava Stone, Pyrite

Beads: 6mm


Length: ~ 18cm

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