About Altruistic Botanicals

My name is Juliet and I started Altruistic Botanicals because of the health issues that I was dealing with in my life. The doctor was prescribing me medication every time I went to see her and before I knew it I was on several prescriptions and I was still not feeling my best.

I was introduced to CBD & Essentials oils about a year ago....I was skeptical....but I tried it and before I knew it I was no longer taking Motrin several times a day,  I kept forgetting to take my daily prescribed medications and I was feeling better. Before I knew it I had weaned myself off of all  prescribed medications feeling the best I had felt in a very long time. 

Not that CBD & Essentials oils was a cure all for me but I started managing my  health and the afflictions that were bringing me down. I noticed in a short about of time with the help of mother nature plants and self care I was thriving on natural products rather than Western Medication that we have all become apparently to dependent on in these past couple of decades. 

I am not a nurse or a doctor but I have experienced first hand what mother nature products can do for me. I have been educating myself on CBD oils and all the benefits that can help with us with our health struggles.

My product comes from Colorado. Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT) and Full Spectrum CBD Hemp. Nothing else is added. No other ingredients. My product is also the same product that one of the biggest CBD distributors. We have the same supplier....I am a micro buyer because of friend who helped me get back on the right path with my health. I am here to help and pay it forward if you are interested in CBD and essential oils.